PINKTUM Congress


11th & 12th June 2024

1st PINKTUM Congress11th & 12th June 2024

The Exclusive AI Congress for
Decision Makers

AI is here to stay.

Decision makers from business, research, and politics now have both the opportunity and the duty to guide the responsible implementation of AI in the workplace. But what is important? How can AI be used to benefit our society? As a company that puts people first, at the PINKTUM Congress, we will offer insights into the responsible use of artificial intelligence.

The PINKTUM Congress combines decades of leadership, organizational, and personnel development experience with the expertise of leading AI and EdTech experts. PINKTUM’s reputation as a leading global EdTech company in the field of Responsible AI is built on these two foundational pillars.

Host Alois Krtil will gather internationally renowned speakers in Hamburg. We invite you to join us to explore the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow at the intersection of AI and humanity.

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How should artificial intelligence change our world? What does this change mean for employees, and how can they best prepare for it? The stakes are high. Under the motto “Proactive – Shaping Responsible AI,” we invite decision makers to actively engage in the discussion and explore how they can contribute to using AI for the greater good of society.

AI affects us all. Those eager to foster a responsible approach to AI within their organizations will discover inspiration and a top-class network at the PINKTUM Congress.

Our speakers this year

At the PINKTUM Congress, you will engage with renowned experts who will offer insights into the latest developments at the intersection of AI and humanity, and inspire actionable strategies. Under the theme “Proactive – Shaping Responsible AI,” our event features speakers such as British neuroscientist and bestselling author Prof. Anil Seth; Dr. Ana Ilievska from the Stanford Humanities Center; and Joachim Pawlik, a leading authority on leadership and personnel development in Germany.

The main keynote speech at the event will be given by host and PINKTUM CTO Alois Krtil. Journalist and TV presenter Dunja Hayali will host the congress and the Evening event.

Anil SethSpeaker

Anil Seth is a neuroscientist, author, and public speaker who has pioneered research into the brain basis of consciousness for more than twenty years. His mission is to advance the science of consciousness, and to use its insights for the benefits of society, technology, and medicine.

He is Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, Co-Director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Program on Brain, Mind and Consciousness, a European Research Council Advanced Investigator, and Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Neuroscience of Consciousness.

He has published more than 180 research papers and has been recognized by Web of Science, over several years, as being in the top 0.1% of researchers worldwide. A former Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, his two TED talks have been viewed more than fourteen million times, he has appeared in several films, and he has written for Aeon, The Guardian, Granta, New Scientist, and Scientific American, and he is lead scientist on the Dreamachine project. His new book Being You: A New Science of Consciousness was an instant Sunday Times Bestseller and a 2021 Book of the Year for The Economist, The New Statesman, Bloomberg Business, The Guardian, The Financial Times and elsewhere.

Dr. Ana IlievskaSpeaker

Dr. Ana Ilievska is Senior Research Fellow on the project “Desirable Digitalisation: Rethinking AI for Just and Sustainable Futures,” a collaboration between the Universities of Bonn and Cambridge, led by Prof. Markus Gabriel and Prof. Stephen Cave and funded by Stiftung Mercator. Before joining the Bonn team, she served as an Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center and Lecturer in the department of French and Italian at Stanford University.

She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago and has studied at Yale University, Tübingen, Lisbon, and in Sicily. Her teaching and research focus on the relationship between literature, philosophy, and technology from a southern European and Mediterranean perspective. Ilievska has published on various authors and their relevance to contemporary issues in AI and technology, in addition to public scholarship on poetry, sound, the public humanities, and the culture of Silicon Valley. She has been a guest on prominent podcasts and most recently gave a talk on ChatGPT and critical thinking at the World Summit AI in Amsterdam.

Alois KrtilHost and speaker

Alois Krtil is one of the leading AI experts in Germany. Born in Prague in 1982, the business computer scientist and engineer specialized early on in the practical application of deep tech in organizations, particularly in the areas of AI and data literacy, high-performance computing and quantum computing. Thanks to his expertise, he acts as an advisor to governments in numerous European countries, including Germany, on issues relating to suitable AI infrastructures and cyber security. In Hamburg, he founded the Artificial Intelligence Center (ARIC), a highly regarded institution for the development and application of responsible AI in Hamburg as a business location. He is also on the advisory board of various institutions, research facilities and innovative technology companies.

Since April 2023, Krtil has been CTO at the digital learning provider PINKTUM. There, together with a team of AI and data specialists, he promotes the individualization of learning through the use of artificial intelligence.

Dr. Tristan BehrensSpeaker

Dr. Tristan Behrens is a personality in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), known for his ventures in AI music. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has a passion for exploring the boundaries of what is possible in the field of science and technology. His professional footprint spans multiple roles, including AI composer, AI teacher, and expert consultant in AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

Dr. Behrens is an AI music artist in residence at the KI Salon Heilbronn. His expertise is further highlighted by his extensive involvement in successful deep learning projects, with a particular focus on the use of deep neural networks for music composition. Dr. Behrens has released several albums of music composed using computer technology, demonstrating a blend of musical and technical prowess.

Dunja HayaliHost

For years, the multi-award-winning TV presenter has been presenter at the PAWLIK Congress and led the one-and-a-half-day event with critical curiosity.

Dunja Hayali is the main presenter of “ZDF -Morgenmagazin”. She has also hosted “heute journal” since February 2023. Hayali started worked as a sports presenter during her studies at the German Sport University in Cologne, where she majored in media and communication studies. She has received numerous awards for her work and public engagement projects. In 2018, the journalist received the Federal Cross of Merit for her commitment to speaking out against racism and extremism. In 2016, she was awarded the Golden Camera in the category “Best Information”.

Joachim PawlikInitiator and speaker

Joachim Pawlik is one of Germany’s leading voices in the field of leadership and personnel development.

In 1996, he founded the PAWLIK Group, which puts people at the heart of organizations and helps them to successfully implement change processes. Joachim Pawlik coaches top executives. As CEO of PAWLIK Consultants and its subsidiary PINKTUM, he leads learning into the digitalized, AI-based future.

Joachim Pawlik holds mandates on various supervisory and advisory boards. Before his career as an entrepreneur, he played professional soccer for FC St. Pauli, where he was responsible for sales and marketing as Vice President from 2014 to June 2020. Joachim Pawlik is a well-known speaker and author. He founded the PAWLIK Congress in 2002. In the age of AI, he initiated the PINKTUM Congress in 2024 together with PINKTUM CTO Alois Krtil.



The hostAlois Krtil

As one of Europe's leading EdTech companies, we want to take responsibility and act as a role model by pioneering the use of AI to drive further education. With the PINKTUM Congress, we are mobilizing an international community to jointly shape, reflect on and learn from the dynamic development of human-centric AI.

Alois Krtil, CTO PINKTUM, is one of the leading AI experts in Germany. He is convinced that Responsible AI offers Europe excellent opportunities to take a leading role in the development and application of artificial intelligence globally.

The initiatorJoachim Pawlik

Companies should use the AI revolution to put human values at the center. This is sustainable for the good of society and the success of the company. This requires exchange and ideas to get started.

Joachim Pawlik, CEO PAWLIK Group and PINKTUM, wants to use the PINKTUM Congress to build a bridge from today to the new world and bring together leading AI voices and entrepreneurs.

The Locations

Opernloft in the old Altona ferry terminal

The PINKTUM Congress is hosted at the Opernloft Hamburg, located in the Altona district’s historic England ferry terminal. This unique theater, known for making opera and classical music more accessible, features high ceilings and expansive glass surfaces offering Elbe views. It’s become a key cultural institution in Hamburg. We’re thrilled to present our alternative program in such an evocative setting, equipped with top-notch technical facilities.


Van-der-Smissen-Str. 4
22767 Hamburg

The theater hall

The theater hall offers a direct view of the Elbe River. Our speakers will deliver their keynote speeches on this stage.

The Location

The Opernloft is located in the terminal of the former England ferry.

The Elbterrasse

Enjoy the breaks on the spacious Elbterrasse.

About usHow It All Began

The advent of groundbreaking language models like ChatGPT at the end of 2022 signalled an impending AI revolution in the workplace. Inspired by a rich legacy of congresses, the concept of a congress dedicated to Responsible AI swiftly emerged to address this transformative shift.

Since 2002, PAWLIK, PINKTUM’s parent company, has hosted a premier lecture series in the German-speaking world, addressing the dynamic between people and work for managers. Starting in 2024, this dialogue will expand to include international experts, focusing on AI.

The PINKTUM Congress combines decades of leadership, organizational, and personnel development experience with leading AI and EdTech expertise. This dual foundation cements PINKTUM’s status as a global frontrunner in Responsible AI within the EdTech sector.

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